• Integrated waste management
    Integrated waste management
    Forget about your waste, we will diminish your costs
  • Waste recovery
    Waste recovery
    We discover the value of your waste
  • Enviromental advice
    Enviromental advice
    Let us be your enviromental department
Ivalore more than 8 years adding value to your industrial waste

Ivalore is an industrial company specializing in the recovery of hazardous industrial waste. We are accredited as waste managers by the Catalan Waste Agency with the code E-993.07 .


  • Waste Management

    We collect, condition and store any hazardous or non-hazardous waste, except radioactive, health and explosives, whatever the quantity and packaging the same.

  • Waste Recovery

    At our facilities we recover all kinds of hazardous industrial waste containing heavy metals, regardless of the state in which (solutions, sludge, slag, etc.) are located.

  • Environmental Consulting

    In the consulting department will advise you of all the technical and legal issues related to the environment. Performing all documentation necessary.

  • Other services

    We have designed a set of services, designed for you to facilitate the tasks associated with waste management.

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